What is Spiritual Philosophy?


Spiritual Philosophy is the study of our male thinking mind, female loving emotions, and spirit senses in relationship to each other as an Intelligent Design of Spirit Consciousness. The Divine Idea of allowing us infinite time to Know Thyself is now facing a dramatic change in focus from the external image to our internal image of thinking. Because we began our physical lives as human beings focused on our external world as separate from us, we have forgotten our creation as energy formed into matter with the creative power to evolve our thinking into being loving people that celebrate life in all forms. Spiritual Philosophy teaches us to value our creation and power as energy and matter by understanding the chemical basis of us and our interdependent relationship with Nature, Earth, and the Universe, as well as with each other.  Love is the energy of creation, and the energy of healing, and through Spiritual Philosophy we begin to love ourselves and use our minds to create health and happiness as we love our neighbor as ourself.


What is IMS?


The Institute of Metaphysical Studies was founded by Kathy Oddenino in 1996, as an expansion of her commitment to teaching Spiritual Philosophy, which began in 1984. Human beings cannot change and grow without Spiritual Philosophy. It is time for us to understand and live the wisdom within us, which philosophers of old understood. Science has identified the DNA as the pattern of life, and we must understand the spiritual interpretation of this information to appreciate how to interpret our eternal life. Kathy teaches Spiritual Philosophy from the truth of science. Knowledge always has a relationship to who we are as human beings to help us move beyond the self-defeating mind-set, beliefs, and behaviors which we continue to live in our world. The Institute of Metaphysical Studies will be the Parthenon for our time, a haven and source of inspiration for true seekers of knowledge, which has the power to shape our society into the first known civilization. Read more about our Mission

Who are IMS students?

IMS students are all ages, and from all walks of life, as are Kathy’s clients.  The common denominator of all IMS students is the search for knowledge, the knowledge to understand our human condition, our journey through history and our everyday life, our sensory experiences, our miracle of creation, and how to get healthy and stay healthy so we can enjoy life to the fullest of our creation. Some of Kathy's students are also Neural Depolarization practitioners. All are welcome.


How much does your program cost?


Kathy Oddenino does not have a set cost for a program” per se. Individual seminars usually cost $100, which includes an organic lunch catered by a teacher of culinary delights in Fearrington. The Retreat (3 or 4-day events) costs vary, so stay tuned. Kathy emphasizes the nature of Spiritual Philosophy as a constantly evolving education – like life, so there is never an End to what we can learn about ourselves and our power of creation. 


What is Neural Depolarization™?

 Neural Depolarization™ is Kathy Oddenino's technique that she uses with clients as a unique spiritual energy to balance the nervous system, stop pain, balance our energy flow, and prevent disease. Kathy was taught this technique by her spirit consciousness when she was a child and learning to heal herself. NDP™ relieves pain and helps with total healing by keeping the chemicals flowing through the nervous system. NDP™ must be used with spiritual and nutritional tutoring to support the physical structure. She is happy to help anyone who wants to explore the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects of Spiritual Philosophy, including NDP™, as an integrative therapy in disease and healing. Call us at 919-545-9937 for information, including cost, and to schedule an appointment. Neural Depolarization page

Does NDP help with carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, depression, chronic back and neck pain, MS?

Yes!  We are energy and matter.  As spiritual sensory beings, we are created with an infinitely beautiful design as a thinking mind, loving emotions, and spirit senses. All diseases begin as nervous system diseases.  Our nervous system and the communication of chemicals within us are the foundation of our health and our disease.  Medicine does not understand the nervous system well enough to work with our cellular chemical energy and encourage our focus on eating pure food, drinking as pure water as we can find, and breathing “good” air.  What we create, we can heal. As human beings, we are equal in our design. We are created to be self-healing organisms. Spiritual Philosophy offers the knowledge that enables us to heal ourselves and our world.

Are there other NDP practitioners?

Neural Depolarization is Kathy Oddenino's trademarked technique, and she began teaching this technique to interested students until she created a certification for eligible practitioners to use the technique to help others.  A class of 15 were certified as NDP practitioners after a five-year program, and a few of those are available to clients. NDP Practitioners page


How can I study NDP?

Kathy is always eager to teach anyone who wants to learn. In her experience, it is not easy to teach (or necessarily to learn) minds to shift from the external focus to an internal focus. NDP is not a weekend course. It is essential to understand Spiritual Philosophy to understand the healing energy of love, which is the true energy of Neural Depolarization. Kathy is especially eager to teach nurses, since her mission to be a nurse, and to help people heal themselves, has been her passion since she was two years old. Those called to nursing with the same intensity of compassion, and a willingness to go beyond the medical model as we know it, will be welcomed with open arms! Kathy is keeping a list of those interested in studying NDP, so if you are interested, give her a call, or send a letter or email, and let her know. That is the first step!


How can I make an appointment to have NDP or Spiritual Counseling?

 The Art of Internal Spiritual Healing Therapies is not a "miracle healing," but it is an acknowledgement and balancing of the invisible energy of our dual soul and spirit that we can integrate into our healing therapy if we are willing. To make an appointment with Kathy Oddenino for Spiritual Counseling/Tutoring or Neural Depolarization, call 919-545-9937. In using the daily life experiences of my clients and teaching them to relate their physical experience to their soul lessons, the windows of the mind are opened to growth. Understanding why we behave as we do and how to create change in our daily life releases our fears of inadequacy and inequality. When we recognize the miracle of our dual soul and spirit, we can live the beauty, goodness, and truth of ourselves as happy and motivated humans. Spiritual Tutoring Page

How does NDP compare with other energy therapies,” such as Reiki, or Acupuncture?

Kathy has not had or studied Acupuncture, or Reiki, although many of her clients and students have studied or experienced various levels of both “conventional” therapies and “energy therapies.” Neural Depolarization works with the internal energy of us as our nervous system, which is the chemical energy of our life force.  As we understand our Spirit Consciousness energy as the energy of our life, our thinking mind is open to choosing to live lifestyle behaviors that support the energy and matter of us as interdependent upon Nature, Earth, and the Universe.  Love is the motivator of life, and it is the healing energy of creation.  Spiritual Philosophy is the Science of Life, and when we learn to know ourselves as energy creating matter, we are able to use our energy of love to heal ourselves and our world.


How is NDP different from massage?

 Massage is a wonderful physical technique that can be very relaxing for our body, as long as we choose a practitioner that is “in tune” with our energy fields.  NDP is an internal technique which focuses on the energy first, to affect the balance of our body at every level (as our matter).  NDP is done primarily with the fingertips lightly touching the nerve ganglia to stimulate the chemical energy to begin its healing.