Metaphysics is the study of the invisible and visible reality of how we came to be and how we function as Human Beings. Metaphysics is a branch of Philosophy that studies highly abstract concepts of subjects, such as energy, matter, space, time, change, and ethical values as our grounds for being human. The concept of “first principles” in metaphysics can also be found in the studies of philosophy, cosmology, ontology, and epistemology today and has been accepted as the ultimate grounds for philosophy being synonymous with religion which prevents change within our thinking mind. When humans attempt to investigate the origin of Nature, especially Human Nature, from the limits of our externalized present-day human fear beliefs, which controls our knowledge, our sense of the unknown exacerbates our internal fears of the wrath of God and our thinking mind can go no further.

I chose the Institute of Metaphysical Studies as the name of my school, because “Metaphysical” defines us as changing physical beings. Meta means changing. Physical means exactly what it is, physical. We start out as an ovum and sperm, and we go through gradual changes until we are born. Then we go through changes every day that we live. We change the way we think, and our body changes. We change who we are, we change what we do, how we look at what we do, the energy that we feel about ourselves. Our mind is energy. The energy of our spirit consciousness manifests itself as the physical matter of our body.

It is very important for us to understand ourself in this way so that we can understand that we are eternal beings. We don’t just live one life. When we begin to think internally, we begin to recognize that we are eternal beings. It is our changing thinking mind that brings us into the Science of Spirit Consciousness, giving us an opportunity to look at ourself in a different way.

The “Father, Mother, and Holy Spirit” relates to the three parts of the brain. When we look at ourself, the thinking mind is male, the physical body is male, the loving emotions are female, and the Spirit senses are female. The physical body lives in a dual image of male and female. The whole system of the nervous system is miraculous. It is important to know precisely how we are designed. We can understand ourselves better if we understand that we have an atomic signature that shows us our chemical connection to the Universe, Earth, and Nature. We are made of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, and Minerals. These are basically the chemicals that make us who we are as human beings. These are our atomic signature as energy and matter.

Without these chemicals, which we get from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, we cannot sustain life. Change is the definition of survival, and our design as human beings is complete except for our male mind that is learning to “know itself.” We must understand our design, structure, and function as chemical sensory beings and choose to honor our creation and our relationship to all of life. As we accept our responsibility as the highest living organism on Earth, we will Know Ourself as evolving Spiritual Human Beings. This is how we will create Evolution and Civilization.