Kathy Oddenino’s Event Schedule – 2010

2010 Spiritual Philosophy Focus

The Joy of Health!

How to Stay Healthy and Happy


All of my classes in 2010 will focus on "The Joy of Health," as a basis of understanding ourselves as Energy Beings created from the Spiritual chemical design of the Ethical Values.  These classes will be important in your growth and in understanding the energy of our nervous system, how we can heal disease, and despair, our relationship to Nature, Earth, and the Universe. We have never been separate from the Universal system of life. Earth is designed to support our human life from the Nature it is designed to create, which is the air, foods, and water of a pure Earth. We are a chemical design as human beings in the same way that all of Nature has its specific chemical design. As we pollute Nature, we create disease and we find ourselves sick and dying before we are ready to die. Once we learn about ourselves as Energy Beings and how we support our chemical energy from Nature, we are more open to changing our belief systems that tell us "all food is good food." We are the cause of disease. Our belief system has led us into dying young from multiple diseases. We can change and we can grow into health and happiness when we learn the truth of who we are as eternal Chemical Spiritual Beings.

We will work with my first book, The Joy of Health (1989), in depth as we learn the importance of our cellular pollution versus living the joy of health in our everyday life. As we explore each chapter, you will learn exactly how we design every part of our physical reality as human beings from the beginning of our creation (body, mind, emotions, and senses), and understand what we do to support or destroy ourselves and our energy design. The time has come for us to understand how and why we create disease. Changing requires the knowledge of "who we are" as "chemical energy" beings, which is a new way of thinking and being in our physical body.

As humans we are designed to live for hundreds of years in each of our physical lives. This is the story of our past and it can be the story of our future if we stop resisting our own change and growth.

The basis of all Spiritual energy is a direct reflection of the internal and eternal Ethical Values that we are living as Spirit Consciousness. The only chance that we have to evolve as human beings is to understand ourselves as energy beings. Energy is the basis of evolution, and we can only consciously become Spiritual Beings when we understand ourselves as energy that is living a pattern of growth and change as evolution.  The energy of our 33 Ethical Values creates the entire structure of our Dual Soul growth as energy. If we are not consciously living the Ethical Values, we are not consciously living our Dual Soul growth. We are still focused in the physical energy as “All that is,” and we do not understand the difference between physical energy and Soul and Spirit energy.

Once we can understand the Ethical Values we can clearly define the energy that we are using as we live our everyday life. Without the Ethical Values, we do not understand our eternal energy, and we will not understand how to actively use our Spiritual energy to heal ourselves and the physical energy we are living as human beings on Earth.

Learning is the greatest gift we can give ourselves as human beings.  When we can relate what we learn to our internal energy, we begin to change and expand our own internal energy. Change always begins with us.  When we change our energy first, the energy of our world will follow!

The first Joy of Health Class is Sunday, February 28, 10am-5pm at the Community House (65 Thompson Street) in downtown Pittsboro (NC).  Lunch is not included in the $200 fee.

****Please Note: The 2010 Classes will be required classes as preparation for studying and doing Neural Depolarization.