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A Mind of Your Own – Thinking is our method of Change. It feels good – do it! Books, CDs

Books If you are searching for the truth of Spirit Consciousness, my books are written for you. Through Joy Publications, I have published 10 books that explain who we are as energy and matter by defining the relationship of us as chemical beings to our beliefs and behaviors in our everyday life. Each book has its own focus to help us understand our Intelligent Design and the Divine Idea of Evolution as we live our lives as human beings. Nothing about us is separate from the energy of the Universe, Earth, and Nature, or from each other. My latest books are Little Angels: Joy and Radiant (for children of all ages!), and publication of Ancient Storybook, a transcription of a series of videotaped classes I gave in 1992-1993. Ever since I gave the classes, people have asked, when will you publish the Ancient Storybook series? It is now available!

Audio CD The Divine Idea - a Live Teaching Event excerpt.  Our brain is the essence of The Divine Idea as our Intelligent Design. Our human design is Spirit Consciousness living in physical matter. Understanding this enables us to choose to live our healing ability and create a different life. Spirit Consciousness is the only true and authentic loving pattern of us as human beings.