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THE JOY OF HEALTH: A Spiritual Concept of Integration and the Practicalities of Living
BRIDGES OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Self Discovery in the New Age
SHARING: Self Discovery in Relationships
LOVE, TRUTH & PERCEPTION: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?
HEALING OURSELF: Growing Beyond the True Cause of Disease
DEPRESSION: Our Normal Transitional Emotions
THE JOURNEY HOME: Our Evolving Consciousness
SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS: Our Intelligent Design





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If you are searching forthe truth of Spirit Consciousness, my books are written for you. Through Joy Publications, I have published 12 books that explain who we are as energy and matter by defining the relationship of us as chemical beings to our beliefs and behaviors in our everyday life. Each book has its own focus to help us understand our Intelligent Design and the Divine Idea of Evolution as we live our lives as human beings. Nothing about us is separate from the energy of the Universe, Earth, and Nature, or from each other.
My purpose in writing these books is to show the patterns that we live through our multiple soul lives as we evolve into spirit consciousness. These patterns are the internal images of our past lives: how do we do it, why do we do it? We live for the purpose of learning and evolving. I want to help people understand that these books take the place of going to a psychic and getting a reading. The books show us the patterns of the soul, what we have learned, how we have grown, and how to remember our physical journey. Understanding these patterns teaches us to “read our own mind” and improve our life. We must understand the patterns of the Dual Soul that we live as physical beings before we can move into Spirit Consciousness and create the lives we want to live as human beings.

The Joy of Health is a “how to” commentary for being healthy in body, mind, and spirit. It is offered to us as an image of “what can be” when we honor our eternal relationship to air, water, and food as the true source of our internal energy and health. Bridges of Consciousness shows us how and why we are always exactly what we create ourselves to be within our own mind, because our mind functions from the level of consciousness that we have developed. Our change in thinking from the external to the internal level represents the change of our mind focus from the external God to the internal Spirit Consciousness. Sharing explores the meaning of relationships in our life, beginning with the relationship we have with ourself as energy and matter and expanding to all levels of relationships as lovers, spouses, families, cultures, and world participants. This is how our Dual Soul creates the infinite patterns of evolution that we use as our tools of growth and change. Love, Truth & Perception explains where we came from, who we are, and where we are going as human beings. Shifting our conscious perception of life from externally focused fear to internally focused love so we can create a better world is essential for us, and it is our way of understanding our divine nature as our human destiny which we are evolving into as we change and grow as a thinking mind.

Healing Ourself is Kathy’s answer to health care reform. We determine our own change by our willingness to be open to new perceptions of thinking about life. When we read Healing Ourself as we read poetry that is written from the heart, we will understand. We have created chaos as our lifestyle and these words help guide us past our primitive beliefs and behaviors into the order that is required in our universe. Reading with an open mind helps us to create new patterns of thought that will go from our spirit to our soul and to our intellect. We desperately need a new paradigm of thought to guide us in our change and growth, and this book offers a paradigm that we have forgotten as a paradigm of love, truth, and equality. As you read you will be investing in your own health as your soul growth. Physicians are educated to treat disease, and when we accept personal responsibility for our health we will not expect them to treat our fears with medication and surgery. When we accept responsibility for our health, physicians will learn to treat us as partners, honoring our power to help ourself.

Depression: Our Normal Transitional Emotions is dedicated to the millions of people who innocently suffer the emotional and mental pains of unhappiness, sadness and depression without knowing why. In evolving our mind and emotions we have no other choice than to release our belief systems so that we are no longer afraid to look internally into our consciousness energies of our mind and emotions. Our beliefs are our greatest addiction, and our intellect and ego do not have the capability to understand depression and disease with our current addictions to dependency and powerlessness. We as individuals have the power to look within our own dual soul mind and emotions and our spirit consciousness, as our infinite senses, to understand and to feel the power that is being kept prisoner by our ego beliefs. Our sense of fear and unhappiness can be cured by our freedom of choice to be personally responsible for who we are and how we live. Our mind is seeking the knowledge to “Know Itself.”

The Journey Home explains our journey as energy and matter, which we live as a fractal pattern of the energy of the Universe, Earth, and Nature. If you want to understand the science of life as spirit energy, this book is for you. This book leads us from the ignorance of our ancient past into the understanding of our Spirit Consciousness. We can see how the patterns of our Dual Soul are painting the landscape of our own antiquity into the wisdom of our charming and perfect image of love as an evolving Spirit Consciousness.

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